Crypto IRA vs Gold IRA

Crypto IRA vs Gold IRA

By Kevin Ocasio | July 18, 2022

Do you want to retire with a comfortable nest egg, but don’t know where to start? If you’re looking for a way to secure your financial future, an IRA might be the right option for … Read more

Best Crypto to Invest in Long Term

Best Crypto to Invest in Long Term

By The Investing Resource | July 11, 2022

Bitcoin may be the most well-known cryptocurrency, but it’s not the only one. There are several different cryptocurrencies that you can invest in for the … Read more

Solana vs. Cardano vs. Polkadot vs. Avalanche

Solana vs. Cardano vs. Polkadot vs. Avalanche

By The Investing Resource | July 4, 2022

Which protocol will win the race to become the leading blockchain platform? This question has been hotly debated in the crypto community, and there is … Read more


History of Blockchain

History of Blockchain

By The Investing Resource | January 24, 2022

A Comprehensive Guide to Blockchain Technology  Talking about Blockchain technology, it is undoubtedly one of the significant innovations of the twenty-first century. One cannot ignore the knock-on effect it has on different industries. Many industries including finance, manufacturing, and education are evidently implementing its application. Not many people are aware … Read more

Who Controls Bitcoin and How is it valued?

By The Investing Resource | January 22, 2022

One of the questions that keep popping up in the minds of digital enthusiasts is who controls bitcoin. Many people think that bitcoin is uncontrolled and therefore not sustainable. Bitcoin is popular digital money. Some argue that the value of bitcoin is significantly higher than the market value, while others … Read more

​​Who accepts Bitcoin?

By The Investing Resource | January 22, 2022

Blockchain & Ethereum are dominating the cryptocurrency universe. Several companies have begun accepting crypto payments. As a result, cryptocurrencies are gaining a lot of traction. It may not be long before more organizations accept cryptocurrency payments. For technological advancement and creating a more neutral space for all, it is still … Read more

What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

By The Investing Resource | January 13, 2022

Bitcoin’s popularity, as well as its price, has soared in recent years. Many investment portfolios have been shaken by this highly speculative cryptocurrency. While most Bitcoin users view it as a long-term investment that will eventually be converted to traditional fiat currency, some businesses have begun to accept it as … Read more

Is Ethereum a good investment?

By The Investing Resource | January 9, 2022

Ethereum is the new buzzword in the crypto world. It is a different way of looking at crypto, and it offers many opportunities to both – seasoned and new investors. Let’s take a look at “under the hood of Ethereum” to see how it works and is Ethereum a good … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide To Invest in Bitcoin

By The Investing Resource | January 6, 2022

Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency that provides an alternative form of payment for tech enthusiasts. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies enable the Bitcoin network to function. It provides a relatively new means of tracking and confirming asset ownership. Many people buy and hold Bitcoin as an investment. In addition to using … Read more

Bitcoin Pros and Cons

By The Investing Resource | January 4, 2022

El Salvador became the first nation across the globe to make Bitcoin legal money, and Paraguay and other countries will likely follow. Currently, El Salvador owns 1120 bitcoins. El Salvador adds approximately $25 million in bitcoin to its state coffers, according to its president Nayib Bukele. Moreover, El Salvador is … Read more

A Guide on Bitcoin and its Mechanism

By The Investing Resource | January 3, 2022

Over the last several years, Bitcoin has gained popularity among today’s investors over the previous several years. People have been talking about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a lot lately. Proponents claim that they are the future of currency and investing. But detractors claim that they are risky investment options with … Read more