Inflation is BAD NEWS!

You know things are bad when a dollar doesn’t even feel like it’s worth anything anymore.

Have you gone to the store recently? Gone out to a restaurant lately? Fill up your tank with gas?

If so, you probably noticed that the dollar doesn’t go as far as it did when we were first starting out. All these rising prices will only continue to increase if we don’t do something now!

As long as there are skyrocketing deficits or an ever-increasing amount of domestic spending, this problem isn’t going away anytime soon.

And then there’s the added issue from overseas; Russia’s recent aggression towards neighboring countries who are exporting oil and other crucial commodities over to the US at steeply raised prices.


Everybody’s been feeling the pinch at the pump these days. (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Yes, this situation may look bad for now..

but even in times of distress, there can be moments of joy and discovery, and SUCCESS

It’s up to us to take action and take back control of our lives even if we didn’t cause this mess or can’t fix it alone. We can protect ourselves from future stressors thanks to a GOLDEN opportunity which will shield you against a hungry federal government spending irresponsibly and taking advantage of those less fortunate than them.

And it all starts with asking about GOLD.

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Gold does what no other asset class can: it protects from inflation and its stability is unmatched over anything else.

History has shown us time and time again- gold wins against stocks when the economy takes a dive – we’ve seen it happen before and we’ll see it happen again. Most importantly, they can’t simply print more gold like they can with paper currency. The USA no longer has real money because they discontinued backing up the US Dollar with gold – an agreement they made half a century ago.

Clearly, when stocks plummeted in the 70s and again in 2007, people flocked to invest in gold which helped keep them afloat. A few years later when American dollars were running low, newly elected President Joe Biden authorized hundreds of billions of government spending under increasing scrutiny of its necessity during these uncertain times.

Of course, there’s always a question about whether this expenditure was warranted. Yet here we are paying for it one way or another.

Americans are often fooled into believing there is nothing which can threaten the value of the United States dollar. The truth is, no one knows what tomorrow brings. Millions of people out there today will be saving their money in one form or another – some in stocks, others in real estate and some may even put it away for retirement.

But what if I told you that what many believe to be a valuable asset may very well just go up in smoke tomorrow?


Source: Bipartisan Policy Center


A study from the Bipartisan Policy Center confirms that the Fiscal Year 2020 deficit is more than three times higher than the previous year, and this situation only gets worse.

World history shows us how fiat currency can become obsolete overnight; and while governments have been trying to protect the USD since its birth back during WWII, they haven’t done nearly enough over time – mostly due to political instability within this country. Sadly those strategies often fail leading them to lose their buying power.

Meanwhile, central banks are heavily investing in gold as a safeguard against the dollar’s collapse – and you should be too! In an effort to hedge against the disaster happening right before our eyes, Gold has intrinsic value and various uses in technology and space industries – not to mention it being popular for jewelry purposes.

Unlike paper money which can disappear when printed, gold will always retain some value because of these factors. It’s important for you to know about what could happen so that your money doesn’t disappear when things go bad.

More individuals are turning towards investment opportunities made available by these precious metals; you owe it to yourself and your family to learn more about gold today.